Wonder Project J2 English N64 Game


Wonder Project J2 English N64 Game. Playable on any North American Nintendo 64 console.



Yes you read it correctly. Wonder Project J2 in ENGLISH! This game was released in Japan on the Nintendo 64 in 2000. The game uses a controller pack to save. Enjoy and see the game description below.

Wonder Project J2 Story

Wonder Project J2 is the N64 sequel to Wonder Project J on SNES. Josette is the game’s protagonist, and is a Gijin (robot) invented by the same Doctor Geppetto who built Pino 15 years prior. Having just completed Josette, the aged Doctor Geppetto had little time left to raise her on his own, so the player assists.

The previous game’s antagonist, Messala, receives orders from the Siliconian King, Siliconian XIII, to “find the girl who lives on the island of Corlo who is in possession of the J,” an object of great power capable of giving Gijin humanity and making highly desired dreams come true. Siliconian armies are dispatched to find the girl at Corlo Island. Fortunately, Geppetto tells Josette to leave the island for the island of Blueland where she will meet someone to help her. Blueland is occupied by the Siliconian Army, which is harvesting Proton, a mineral fuel source.


In Wonder Project J2, the player communicates with Josette through her robot, Bird. You answer her questions on-screen by selecting “yes” or “no”. Josette cannot hear or see you, but learns about you through successive, binary questions. She recalls the answers later throughout the story. You are able to command Josette through Bird, but she does not always listen. Player advancement through the game is dependent on how well their teachings mesh with other activities on the island. After teaching Josette a series of fundamental human interactions, the game’s plot-driven second chapter guides Josette through a series of hardships and confrontation with the Siliconian Army.


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