Zelda Voyager of Time N64 NTSC – N64 Game


Zelda Voyager of Time Nintendo 64


Note : Please only use saves slots 2 and 3

About the Game:

The game features heavy time travel as well as side stories that highlight the problems with time traveling in general. Many places are transformed over the period of seven years that Ganondorf was in rule, and Link has to deal with the problems​ of his closest friends. On top of that, there may be another problem Link and his friends don’t realize until it’s too late…

The overworld is changed quite a lot from the original Ocarina of Time. There is an attempt to make each village and section of the map seem more lively and have more character than ever before. NPCs are useful to talk to, and they give hints to the world around you. There are small stories they tell you of history, and even new sidequests you can accept.

The biggest change is the difference between the child and adult sections. The child sections are meant to feel more innocent and alive, and the adult sections are meant to showcase the utter destruction of Ganondorf. This is not to be intentionally dark, but just to show a realistic change that would happen over seven years.

What to Expect:

New storyline
New sidequests and sidestories about NPCS (and NPCs are more helpful with hints)
Huge emphasis on time travel (I mean it!)
Actual use of money in the story
Dungeon order will be different (and perhaps new puzzles here and there–nothing too major)
Massive overworld update with more lively “enivironments”
New way of getting Epona!
Certain items not restricted to just child/adult!
Custom music in some places
Tael joins you instead of Navi

For more screenshots and info:

YouTube Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itQNYSa110U

Known Issues on real hardware

Some grottos are invisible but are still there. They are in the same spots and you need to know where a certain few are to progress in the game. i.e lost woods etc.

Please, dear god, don’t forget to get Din’s Fire before Zelda Escape. There is a puzzle that should require it, but please get it just in case you find a way past that puzzle. You will not be able to continue normally later on in the game if you don’t get it!

Serenade of Water is never learned in this hack. Sorry, I know it’s annoying, but use Epona, that’s what she’s there for.

You will not be getting Silver Scale in the game. You can play the Diving game all you want though.

Grottos don’t really work properly–there are a lot that actually lead you to the Razor Sword hole, so there will be an open chest in it. This is remnants of an idea I had to use grotttos as a warping system. Never came about, and never got around to fixing it. Sorry.

You might run across random graphical glitches like heavy fog or see-through graphics in an area, or completely black graphics. Do your best to get through it, it’ll clear up eventually, or if you know Nocturne, a quick-fix is to warp to a place like the graveyard and the graphical problems should fix up.

​old Jar room freezes when entering. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, it’s not important.


Worked on by Brynna and Josh Giadrosich.
​New music made by AnimatixReels and JamesAndrewHarris,
ASM and coding help by Sakura, Jason777, sanguinettimods, and To Coool.
Logo used in-game was made by Sakura,
Thanks to Shadow Fire for text editing help.​
testers, bobmario511, metroidkillerx, examolofer, and nijbu.

NOTE: Please allow 2 weeks for me to ship your items. I do make these by hand so they do take some time.


Romhack Disclaimer : Since romhacks are modifications to the original ROM, they may contain bugs or glitches at points during a playthrough on real hardware. These glitches may prevent you from obtaining certain items or progressing through the game. Please contact the original Romhack creator to see if certain glitches can be fixed.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in