Super Mario Star Road N64 Game


Super Mario Star Road ROMhack for the N64. This verison is modified to play on a real Nintendo 64 console.



Super Mario Star Road is a ROM Hack made by Skelux. It was released around Christmas 2011, and contains 130 Stars. This ROM hack is considered to be one of the most famous. It contains levels with similar design to the original Super Mario 64, which is overall very solid and fun.

This hack tries to be a sequel, or another version, of the original Super Mario 64, in terms of level design, difficulty, and plot. Not only are all of the levels redone using custom graphics (some of which directly come from other Nintendo 64 games), but custom music and custom enemies have been added as well. The level entrances range from simple pipes or paintings to more unconventional entrances, such as a vase or an easel. In addition, the boss fights have been changed; Bowser himself is only fought once in the game, at the end of the final Bowser level. In the first two Bowser levels, Mario must defeat a mini-boss in order to obtain the key to the next area.


The plot of Super Mario Star Road is told by Yoshi, who informs Mario that Bowser has found the secret to get to the Star Road, the kingdom of the Star Spirits. Using the power of the Power Stars, he is able to transport his troops all over the Mushroom Kingdom to wreak havoc. In order to reach the Star Road, Mario must collect enough Power Stars to break the seal. Once Mario reaches the Star Road, he finds Bowser in his sky base. Mario then defeats Bowser, and is transported to the first overworld, where he is rewarded with another star and a thank you from Peach.

Romhack Disclaimer : Since romhacks are modifications to the original ROM, they may contain bugs or glitches at points during a playthrough on real hardware. These glitches may prevent you from obtaining certain items or progressing through the game. Please contact the original Romhack creator to see if certain glitches can be fixed.


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