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Cubivore N64, known in Japan as Doubutsu Bancho[a] is an action-adventure video game prototype for the Nintendo 64. It was originally published by Nintendo only in Japan on February 21, 2002. After Nintendo expressed intentions to not release the game in other regions, Atlus localized it for North America on November 10, 2002.

Development for Cubivore originally started for the Nintendo 64 with 64DD peripheral, but later was moved to the GameCube. The player controls a cube-shaped beast called a Cubivore, which eats other such beasts in order to mutate and become stronger.

Cubivore N64 was one of the strangest games ever created for the console. Cubivore was originally revealed (already ported on cartridge) at the Spaceworld 2000. It was without a doubt the most creative game of the show, not only because of the extreme stylized graphic, but also for the main objective of the game: became the forefront of the evolution chain. Unfortunately, it was first a victim of the failure of the 64DD, and then, when finally ported on a cartridge, of the forthcoming release of the Project Dolphin. It did come out however in 2002 on the Gamecube and, despite being graphically almost identical to the N.64 version, it was released even in the USA.


The plot of Cubivore N64 takes place in the land of the Cubivores, the beast known as the Killer Cubivore reigns at the top of the animal food chain. This powerful tyrant and his gang of cronies have gorged themselves on the essence of the land, known in the game as “Wilderness”, so much that they have absorbed some of it into themselves. Meanwhile, nature has begun to fade away, becoming drab and infertile, and the number of beasts has declined. The user-named protagonist has taken it upon himself to become King of All Cubivores. This was in order to challenge the Killer Cubivore and restore the Wilderness to the world.


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