Banjo Kazooie – The Jiggies Of Time – N64 Game


Banjo Kazooie The Jiggies of Time is a N64 mod playable on a real N64 console. Join Banjo and Kazooie as the try and save Hyrule.



In Banjo Kazooie The Jiggies of Time, something has gone wrong in the land of Hyrule. The wicked witch Gruntilda has somehow sidelined Ganondorf and decided to take the kingdom for herself. Young Link apparently isn’t up to the task of giving her the boot, and so the responsibility falls to Banjo and Kazooie.e

Kurko has done a fantastic job of merging the two universes together. The world of Ocarina of Time is lovingly recreated, managing to feel both familiar and fresh at the same time.
Classic locations, such as Kokiri Forest, Kakariko Village and Death Mountain are instantly recognisable by their layout.

Everything is decorated and styled to look like the world of Banjo-Kazooie. Even the enemies are re-skinned to resemble classic Zelda creatures. Not only that, but Kurko has used creative license to slightly alter or outright expand areas with new features.

Banjo Kazooie The Jiggies of Time is a must have in your N64 collection!

Credit goes to Kurko Mods for this mod. Please support him below




Romhack Disclaimer : Since romhacks are modifications to the original ROM, they may contain bugs or glitches at points during a playthrough on real hardware. These glitches may prevent you from obtaining certain items or progressing through the game. Please contact the original Romhack creator to see if certain glitches can be fixed.

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